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The Stationary Thief

Sooo… So I think Ivan heard somewhere that dragons are the world’s greatest hoarders, and he seems keen to get some practice in early!

To be fair to him, he does seem to have an affinity for the most bright and colourful of all my stationary. He looks pretty proud of his tiny hoard, doesn’t he?

The Great Stationary Hoarder!
The Mighty Dragon must survey his wealth from a position of height!
Taking a Tumble!
Of course, having the High Ground means you’ve got further to fall too… Thankfully tails have many uses!
Colourful and Valuable
Colour is important – a well-chosen hoard should reflect the dragon who guards it, after all!
Behold, My Stationary Wealth!
Ivan the Wyvern, caught mid-gesture as he shows off the fine hoard he has acquired while his writer was distracted.

It almost seemed a shame to confiscate all my stationary back at the end of the day, but needs must! Hopefully Ivan can find something else to guard for a while…

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