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Happy St David’s (Snow) Day!

Ivan’s never seen snow before, and he’s been giddy with excitement!

Obviously he had to go out and play in it!

No one told him that his tail would get cold though – well, I tried to tell him that maybe dragons should fly over the snow, but there’s only one way to learn…

Later on, the snow was much higher, but very small dragons must keep warm somehow.

Snow Day!
There’s only a little bit of snow right now, but then again, Ivan’s only a little dragon…
Garden Perching
It’s important to find the very best spot from which to watch the snow come down. Snow’s not much fun to nest on, mind…

The final verdict from much experientation is that snow is hard to hoard, not to mention cold and wet. The search for a good thing to hoard continues, it seems…

Ivan’s open to suggestions!

Stained Window and Snow
The gleam of stained glass and the softness of snow – how could a dragon ask for more? A concerned friend does seem to be trying to ‘rescue’ Ivan from his great height though…

Of course, today is St David’s Day, and as a proud dragon, Ivan the Wyvern felt the need to celebrate in style! The kitchens chased him away before he could steal a leek, but after a lot of wading through the snow drifts (hey, they’re much bigger when you’re much smaller!) at last! There was to be found a single, slightly battered daffodil.

Ivan was very pleased with himself. Happy St David’s Day, Everyone!

Snow Daffodil and Dragon
It took some searching, but Ivan was a determined dragon and refused to give up until he found a lone surviving daffodil…

Well, Ivan will be back soon! If you’re just now meeting him, catch up with his exploits here.

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