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The Search For a Perch

The Iron Perch
For Ivan is, and always will be, King of the Castle. Observe his heroic pose which has absolutely *not* been practised in the mirror…


Everyone knows that a key part of any dragon’s duty is to find the perfect perching spot and dominate the landscape from it!

(Everyone does know that, right?)

Ivan the Wyvern has truly made his dragon-ancestors proud by finding not only a comfortable perch, but one inside an iron tree! The perfect combination of a dragon’s favourite things – treasure and comfortable perches – right there!

The trick, of course, will be to make sure that he doesn’t sneeze fire at the wrong moment and set the candles alight, or this perch won’t be nearly as comfortable!

Who’s a good dragon? Ivan is, of course! Ivan is the *best* dragon, yes he is!





Sadly, I’m not sure that Ivan’s grasped that imposing perches aren’t supposed to make you look more cute! Ah well, one can only practice one thing at a time, I suppose…

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