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The Trouble with Being Tiny

Being small can have many benefits when you’re a dragon. You can get into more mischief – Ivan come down from there! Again! – and the benefit of looking so small and cute is that you of course get out of trouble so much more easily too.

20180314_164344But it is not always so helpful. For example Ivan, like many dragons, has a great love of daffodils in honour of his Welsh cousins. Kind friends of Ivan may remember his earnest search in the snow for a single daffodil to celebrate St David’s Day a month or so ago.

Well now that the snow no longer comes down (understatement!) Ivan can enjoy daffodils that haven’t been squished by the snow… And it seems that they were rather bigger than he had expected! Look at that expression of consternation on realising that the flower alone is bigger than your head! I did try to reassure him that the daffodil wouldn’t eat him, but I’m not sure I was very convincing around my peals of laughter!20180314_164316

On a side note, I think I may have the only dragon in history who was genuinely scared of flowers for a few days…

Oh, the mighty hunter…

No one tell the other dragons, OK? They’ll laugh at him!

Anyway, all was not lost! For after everything calmed down I explained that there were in fact20180314_164256 miniture daffodils he could play with! After a wary approach I think these have met with far greater approval all round!

Phew! For such a nature-loving dragon, Ivan sure had me worried for a second there! We’ll leave him playing with flowers that are a bit more his size, I think…

Join us next time for more dragon-related shenanigans! And if you’re new to Ivan the tiniest and cutest dragon, check out some of his other hijinks here.




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