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A Spirit of Springtime


My parents had a firm policy, when I was growing up, that if there was something I might be scared of, they would try to show me that this thing could be fun, or useful, or at least mostly harmless, so I wouldn’t be afraid of it anymore.

As the guradian of a very tiny dragon, I naturally felt that Ivan and I would need to work on his concerns about how huge flowers could be. Sounds reasonable, right?

Ivan, that’s not how it works! I can see you!

*Sigh…* I may live to regret this.

Because now, bolsted by your very kind comments on his efforts to take over the Easter Bunny’s job of distributing colourful eggs, Ivan appears to be doing his level best to get into every patch of spring flowers imaginable! As any of you with small children may be able to advise me on, it’s a litle disconcerting when you take your eyes of your tiny creature for two seconds and turn around and he’s disappeared!

Fortunately I think Ivans skills at playing hide-and-seek are… limited. For a while he seemed to think it was all about putting something between yourself and your

You’re pretty, Ivan, but I’m not sure you’ll enjoy being a flower…

persuer. Which would be absolutely correct in theory, but lacks somethign in practice when that ‘something’ is far smaller than you are.

Sadly for me, practice clearly makes perfect and oh boy!

I know dragons are always meant to be fast, but I swear I have no idea how he manages to hide so well and so quickly!

Anyway… Funny thing.

I’ve been trying to find a good story to share about dragons and spring, or dragons and flowers for weeks, and there doesn’t seem to be any! This is actually a bit of a shock to me, because I thought that there were dragons for everything. I suppose we all learn something new every day, but this makes me a little sad…

I love the little side-eye look there of ‘Do you think I’ve been spotted? No? Maybe I’m still hidden?’ Oh Ivan, you are not a flower…

I sort of expected that European dragons probably wouldn’t have much to do with nature and flowers, as they tend to be forces of destruction or obstacles for heroes to overcome in legend and folklore.

The closest dragons seem to get to being connected to nature in a positive way is that the seven sacred rowan trees of Celtic mythology were once thought to be guarded by fierce dragons to keep them from harm. Which I suppose ties in with dragons hoarding and guarding things?

But I couldn’t seem to find anything flowers-related in Asian mythology either, and dragons in Asian culture seem to have a much more positive connotation of wisdom and generosity.

If anyone does know of some good stories with dragons and flowers, please can you let me know in the comments? I’d like to add a new dragon story to my collection, and I have a very small dragon who needs to be raised in the traditions of his ancestors!

Now you have found me, human, I shall pose as Master over all the Flowers!

Check out the further escapades of Ivan here, in The Many Adventures of Ivan the Wyvern.



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