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The Ghosts Are Resurrected!

I write with good news!

After a heck of a break from the series, and bolstered by a lovely shoutout from The Orangutan Librarian, I’m happy to say that I will shortly be posting some new episodes of the Ghosts & Gowns series!

For those who haven’t read it yet, or for whom it was all so long ago you can’t remember it, I’ve set up links to all the various chapters below. I definitely recommend reading the first two chapters if you’d like to know what on earth’s going on in the next installment!

The basic premise of a ghost ending up running a (sadly fictional) Oxford College was just too much fun to let die, and I hope that you’ll have fun in sharing it with me!

Chapter 1: Life is Compulsory, Death is Optional – Professor Richards, Master of Devon College, knew he was dead when he woke up and found Death sitting by his bedside.

Chapter 2: Reactions  Reactions to the news that Professor Richards would not be allowing mere death to interfere with him living a full life were… mixed.

Chapter 3: The Joys and Hardships of Life After Death – Professor Richards, Master of Devon College despite having ceased to breathe some three days ago, had found that there were several benefits for life after death.

Chapter 4: A Crisis of Faith – Everyone expected the Chaplain to be the greatest issue about Professor Richards’ refusal to accept Death as a good excuse to stop working. They were correct in this belief, but not perhaps in the form events happened to take effect.

Chapter 5: The Problem with Ghosts… – Nobody wanted to admit it for the longest time, not even to themselves. Nobody wanted to speak of the problem, for of course once you have given a worry words, you give it a shape to see it by. But in the end, there it was; somebody had to admit it – the Master may have gotten out of hand.

Chapter 6: The Hero of the Hour – Part 1 – Something’s afoot in Devon College and it’s up to Professor Richards to save the day!

Chapter 6: The Hero of the Hour – Part 2 – It’s the morning after the excitement of the night before. How do you explain that your resident ghost now fights crime?

Chapter 7: The Ghost in the Machine – There’s something going on with the College’s photocopier, but is it really what the Fellows think it is?

Chapter 8: Just Checking In – In which Richards sallies forth to the rescue, and Death would just like this conversation to be over with…


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8 thoughts on “The Ghosts Are Resurrected!

    1. Me too! I love trying to figure out what such a being would be like! Have you seen Lindsey Ellis’s video on youtube called ‘Loose Canon: Death’? It’s so good and she’s a really cool lady!


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