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The Return of the Dragons

Greetings, everyone!

No, you’re not imagining things, I really am back! I missed you all terribly – hopefully one or two of you missed me. Ivan says hi!

Funny thing about Nanowrimo; every year around April-time I sit there thinking ’I don’t need to do Nanowrimo this year, I can tell myself to write at any time.’ And then whenever October starts flying by, and the nights draw in, and I just want to sit down with books and blankets, and I lose all motivation, up comes Nanowrimo to sit me down, give me a talking to and pull me back to my keyboard. Once again, Nanowrimo, you have been the encouragement I needed!

Funny thing about hiatuses that I have found, for anyone thinking of trying it: it’s like having a falling out with a friend or something, in that it’s a lot easier to start one than to stop one again. September started and I honestly had no idea how to take up my keyboard and start writing for the blog anymore!

Just something for fellow-first-timers…

Anyway, I’ve had various adventures over the summer, I attended the University of Oxford’s Fantasy Writing Summer School, so I’m all fired up with renewed vigour and enthusiasm! There’s something about having to discuss other people’s fantasy writing, their methods, themes and contexts that really helped me get some of my more nebulous thinking into better focus, so in the next few weeks there will be a whole load of posts on various topics which I hope will prove to be interesting and helpful to some of you.

I’ve also taken the time to read through some of my old writing – always a dangerous occupation, that – and had a complete crisis about the world and stories I’ve been building (more on that later!) So it’s been eventful in the same way that the Chinese proverb speaks of ‘Interesting Times’, I’m afraid! I’ve been picking myself up from that huge knock to my confidence and trying to find some way to get whatever writing mojo I possess back ever since.

Of course, Ivan has not been idle either (well, by dragon standards anyway…) and some of the more dragon-ish adventures he’s been having will be published as Postcards from a Tiny Dragon. (Coming Soon)

So, watch this space for the quandaries of writing, thoughts on themes, and the usual general silliness!


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6 thoughts on “The Return of the Dragons

  1. I’m the same with NaNoWriMo. Every spring I think I won’t bother and every fall I’m getting ready to participate. I’m just glad that it’s there to jump-start my writing when I need it! And welcome back!

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    1. Thank you! It’s so easy to get out of practice and lose confidence in yourself, you know? And then right when you’re about to give up Nanowrimo arrives to say ‘Hey, it doesn’t have to be amazing, it just has to exist!’


      1. Exactly! I find when I’m writing at other times of the year it’s harder to lock up my inner editor until the book is done. That part is so much easier during NaNo.

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      2. Very much so! And I got really knocked back by realising that there was something really terrible about what I was creating and I really couldn’t make myself write properly. Thank goodness for nanowrimo and it ‘Just Get On With It’ encouragement!

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