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The Times When The Walls Have Ears, And They’re Talking Back…

20190325_174747.jpgOK, so I know that I have absolutely no room to comment about these things usually. I have no reliable ability to spell correctly, and have forgotten most of my hard-learned lessons in punctuation and grammar from school, only to re-learn it all as an adult who for some reason decided that writing looked like fun.

This was a mistake I should have seen coming from the frustrated noises my friends all kept making. I don’t know why I didn’t take the hint!


So there’s this building on Corn Market Street in Oxford, and for the whole time I’ve been in Oxford, it’s been a tailors shop. Different brands of men’s tailors shop, but always a place where men can become clothed.

And finally Austin Reed decided they were done with this place and moved, and it sat empty for a while, and now it’s reopened to become a restaurant-place. And it all looks very lovely and all, but… there’s this thing they wrote on the wall around the corner, and well…


Why is this in quotation marks? Why?!?!

Everything else about this body of text is fine, but I cannot for the life of me work out why the quote marks are there! There’s no reference citation at the end, which might have explained it. I mean, it would even have worked with the whole student population of Oxford, who understand the necessity to quote and cite your sources appropriately. But nope!


Is the wall speaking to me? Is that what this is? Is the wall sentient and it wants to make friends? Because it is Oxford. I would not be surprised in the slightest if a wall gained the will to communicate, found that it could only do so in textual form and then learned that this is how humans write speech on paper. That would totally make sense to me…

Anyway, I haven’t been inside to eat anything yet at the possibly-sentient restaurant. I probably should but on the other hand, I’ve seen a fair few horror movies about houses that gained their own life-force, so maybe not… I’m pretty sure the building gaining consciousness and wanting to communicate doesn’t end in good things…

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