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In Which Tiny Dragons Are Surprisingly Bad Muses…

So, I’ve never actually owned a cat – because allergies and broken lungs are a bad combination and all – but as those of you who have been keeping up with The Many Adventures of Ivan the Wyvern already know, I do have a tiny dragon running around the place, and I feel that his general causing of chaos may be a little similar.

Also similar to being owned by a cat, from what I understand, is the expression of Judgement that you will receive. I’m sat there, struggling for words and generally not getting any writing done, and then I look up and…


I can practically hear him muttering, “Why aren’t you writing? If you’re not writing, can you play with me? No? Then do something productive! Write something!”

It’s like the angel of creativity coming down from on high to ask me what I think I’m doing! (I don’t know, Ivan, I don’t know what I’m doing, OK?)


I think he’s trying to figure out how to type properly with his tiny paws and little T-Rex arms? Either that or he’s examining the keyboard for signs of what could make it so interesting.

If Ivan the Wyvern had spectacles, you just know that this is the time when he’d be looking at me over the top of them! Look at his little, judgemental face… Mind you, looking at this photo again, that might be caused by the state of my desk…

Note to self: office cleaning needs to happen more often!


“Are you… Are you going to write anything with that? I think that’s what you’re supposed to do with those things, right? You write, yeah? Why aren’t you writing anything?”




“Look, you’ve got your ink-stick thing and your rustle-sheets! You can totally do the Writing Thing! What’s the hold up? We both know perfectly well that you can do this! Chop chop! Then it’s play time, and the sun’s even out!”

Thank you, Ivan, you’re not at all distracting, I swear. Although it is nice to know that you have someone in your corner when the words just won’t come no matter what you try.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about dragons since Ivan came into my life, it’s that they are very single-minded and will have no patience whatsoever for your excuses.

Behold, My Stationary Wealth!They mean well, but the very idea that you might be struggling because of your own self-doubts and the inadequacies of your own creativity? Nope, they have no patience at all for that.

“You are wonderful,” they glare at you, “You should know this, because I know this, and I am always right! Silly human!”

That and they’re sometimes able to be distracted by stationary, but that may not work every time! Go on, Ivan, I laid it all out for you, it’s totally not a trap, I promise! (Do you think it’s working?)



In the end, of course, what else is a tiny dragon to do than to pick up the pen himself and starting writing this novel on his own?

If you wanted a job done properly, do it yourself, right Ivan?

I swear, if my dragon finishes his first novel before I do, I shall… I shall probably not be all that surprised, actually!


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