The Many Adventures of Ivan the Wyvern


With many thanks to my friend, Rachel, who recently managed to find for me a plushy version of Ivan the Wyvern for us all to enjoy! Isn’t he adorable?

Ivan the Wyvern Plushy

Although Ivan here is technically a dragon, as wyverns have hind-legs and wings, but no forelegs, he’s just the cutest lil’ darling ever!

Of course, all members of the dragon family must go on adventures, and Ivan is no exception! The wanderlust cannot be tamed!

He won’t be a regular contributor, but I’m sure he’ll be popping up whenever anything exciting happens in his life…

Where did all the stationary go? – Help! Stop! Thief! Oh… Apparently hoarding instincts start young…

Happy St David’s (Snow) Day! – Ivan is no Ice Dragon, but he felt he should honour his Welsh ancestors properly today!

The Search for a Perch! – Perching is harder than it looks, plenty of practice needs to go into it!

Greetings from the Easter Dragon! – In which the joys of hoarding eggs is discovered, but then along comes an egg thief!

The Trouble with Being Tiny – It can be hard being small when the world is built on a bigger scale…

A Spirit of Springtime – In which Ivan faces his fears and dives into the flowerbeds, with mixed results!

Happy St George’s Day! (The Legend of the Lambton Worm) – Because George wasn’t the only one to kill a dragon after all…

Happy May Day! – No legend this time, but what can be learned about folklore from fritillaries?

A Cup of Dragon – Can there be anything nicer than a hot cup of tea, a warm dragon and a good story?

Festive Felicitations From a Fire-breathing Flyer! – In which it turns out that Christmas is a dragon’s favourite time of the year!

In Which Tiny Dragons Are Surprisingly Bad Muses… – But he tries!

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